Saturday, September 20, 2014

Synagogue News

What are Selichot & Tashlich?

Selichot is a late night service at the close of the last Shabbat of the year (September 20th). Its focus is reflection and penitence. At VOS, Selichot begins at 10:00 PM, in a beautiful garden in Woodland Hills. Adults and teens attend. RSVP before spaces fill to You don’t want to miss this beautiful [...]

Drink…Don’t drive

A friend of mine runs long distance races. He tells me that the key to staying hydrated is to drink at certain time intervals. “Every fifteen minutes,” he says, “you drink six ounces of water. You keep an eye on your own watch so you don’t violate your own hydration limits.” But what if you [...]

Contemplations, Conversations and Balance

A Thought for Elul We have entered into the last month of the Jewish year, Elul. It is a month characterized by introspection and communication. We take inventory of our lives just as a shopkeeper would take inventory of his storeroom. What is it that I want to take into a New Year? What must [...]

TRIPLE BENEFITS – VOS, Operation Interdependence, SOVA

At the next Shabbat Service on September 12th O.I. will be selling candy, nuts and other treats that are too large to ship overseas. Proceeds from these sales will benefit O.I., VOS Mitzvah Committee and SOVA. Buy one for you, buy one for SOVA. EVERYBODY WINS. Be sure to visit the O.I. table at the [...]