Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Countdown to Bar & Bat Mitzvah

Two+ Years Prior

_____ Schedule a date with Cantor Ron. Call office: 818-879-8087

_____ Select and reserve location for ceremony and reception.

Nine to Twelve Months Prior

_____ Schedule weekly Torah/Haftarah tutoring with Cantor Ron or a JEWELS B’nei Mitzvah tutor. Additional lessons may be required if child is not proficient in prayers.

Six to Nine Months Prior

_____ Commence tutoring

Eight Months Prior

_____ Order the invitations.

_____ Call Jan in the synagogue office (818-882-4867) to include your child in the Shabbat service during the month of his/her B’nei Mitzvah. You may wish to sponsor the Oneg Shabbat in his/her honor.

Six Months Prior

_____ If your child has not yet attended at least 4 Shabbat services per year to satisfy the program’s requirement, add the dates of services to your calendar. You may wish to observe another child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. If so, please call Cantor Ron’s office for details.

Three Months Prior

_____ Schedule appointment with Cantor for family meeting and to begin speech
preparation. Call the office at (818) 879-8087 or email ron@cantorli-paz.com.

_____ Buy a tallit and kippah to wear at the service.

One to Two Weeks Prior

_____ Rehearse entire service in Cantor’s office.

Friday Night Before/After a Saturday ceremony

_____ Attend Shabbat services: Bar/Bat Mitzvah leads the V’ahavta or Avot v’Imahot
prayer and VOS community shares in your simchah!

Day of Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration

Breathe…Breathe again…Remember the meaning of the day.