Friday, April 19, 2019

JEWELS – Jewish Education: Wisdom, Ethics, and Hebrew Literacy



“I am thrilled with the dedicated teachers who are really inspiring my children. When I pick my kids up from class, I can’t wait to hear what they learned. They are always eager to share. The JEWELS program is a blessing for our family.”
(Donna A., mother)

We do really fun activities like plays that help us learn about Hebrew and Judaic. We aren’t bored.
(A. P. – JEM 3)

Here we take Hebrew one step at a time. I never feel like I’m not learning, and I know I will be prepared for my Bat Mitzvah.
(S. C. – JEM 2)

I like this Hebrew school a lot better than my last one. Here we play games & we learn and I like my teacher.
(C. S. – JEM 3)

I like that you can be with friends and learn at the same time.
(A. C. – JEM 5)

I like cooking while learning about my history.
(M. M. – JEM 5)

I like the homey environment and that it’s not like school… we’re not in a brick building.

(A. L. – JEM 5)