Tuesday, July 25, 2017


We believe that Judaism is a progressive, evolving religion whose practices and tenets are grounded in Torah. We value outreach and inclusiveness and invite individuals and families of all types to join us in celebrating, studying, performing mitzvot, worshipping as Jews, and adapting to the changing world around us.

Our synagogue family will reach out to you, embrace you, and include you in our warm and nurturing community. To enhance the meaning of our lives as Jews, we try to better ourselves and our world through action and through living, in accord with Jewish values. As an extended family we strive to create a community of friends from varied backgrounds, with a common interest in Judaism and an opportunity to share both the joys and sorrows of our lives together. We are committed to an environment that is caring, multi-generational, and inclusive.

We encourage social responsibility and the performance of mitzvot as an integral part of our Jewish lives. We seek spiritual fulfillment within our community through outreach to others.