Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Parking Information

The Valley Outreach Synagogue & Center for Jewish Life facility is located in a shared business center. We value our good relationships with neighbors and kindly ask that you contribute positively to these relationships in the following ways: Parking – Please avoid parking directly in front of neighboring businesses during normal business hours. There is […]

Ralphs Club

Download the flyer here

All Videos of Songs, Stories and Sermons from High Holidays Are on Our Site

Visit our media library to view and share highlights from the 2015 – 5776 High Holiday services.

Book Bar Mitzvahs & Weddings in Our New Home

You can already hold dates for life cycle celebrations in our new home by calling Rabbi Li-Paz’s administrative assistant, Brenda Kramer, at 818-879-8087. Our new sanctuary and social halls will be gorgeous!  The capacity of the sanctuary will be in excess of 500 people, accommodating more than 300 seated around tables for simchas.  The large […]

See Rabbi Li-Paz as Sarastro in Mozart’s The Magic Flute on YouTube

You can watch a magical production of Mozart’s Die Zauberflote from the Schwetzingen Festival in Germany with Rabbi Li-Paz in the leading role of Sarastro, the high priest of Isis and Osiris.  He is hard to miss, standing at 7 feet tall, in gold and with halogen beams coming out of his head! Enjoy! http://youtu.be/y0f0tnhyhO8 […]

Drink…Don’t drive

A friend of mine runs long distance races. He tells me that the key to staying hydrated is to drink at certain time intervals. “Every fifteen minutes,” he says, “you drink six ounces of water. You keep an eye on your own watch so you don’t violate your own hydration limits.” But what if you […]

Contemplations, Conversations and Balance

A Thought for Elul We have entered into the last month of the Jewish year, Elul. It is a month characterized by introspection and communication. We take inventory of our lives just as a shopkeeper would take inventory of his storeroom. What is it that I want to take into a New Year? What must […]

Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Frequently Asked Questions

If my child does not want to have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, should I abandon the idea? While I firmly believe in honoring our children, I also believe that as parents, we are obligated to make wise choices on their behalf. It is up to us to enrich their lives with positive and empowering […]

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