Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Education Programs

Jewels - Jewish Education Wisdom Ethics hebrew Literacy Service

J.E.W.E.L.S. (Jewish Education: Wisdom, Ethics, Hebrew Literacy & Service) is the umbrella for all innovative Jewish Education Programs of Valley Outreach Synagogue for kindergarten students through adults, designed to inspire a love and appreciation of Judaism while gradually preparing school aged students for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah service. Please consider enrolling your school aged children in one of the following programs for 2017-18:

JEMS As the only home-based program of its kind, each JEM (Jewish Education Module) is comprised of students grouped according to both ability and grade. During half of each weekly two hour session, students connect with their Jewish heritage through games, stimulating discussion, song, dramatic role play, guest speakers and specialist instructors. During the year there are many community events, field trips and other experimental activities. Additionally, students learn how to read, write and speak Hebrew at their level, eventually mastering the prayers that they will deliver during their Bar/Bat Mitzvah service.

  • Program Highlights:
    Small group Hebrew and Judaic education
    Experiential learning
    Experienced, innovative and caring teachers
    Bar/Bat-Mitzvah preparation for service
    Mitzvah Program
    Community Service Projects
    JEWELS-VOS Shabbat Services
    Monthly opportunities for parent and family involvement
    Tiered levels:
    Kindergarten – 2nd grade: 1 hour per week;
    Grade 3: 1.5 hours per week; Grades 4-6: 2 hour a week

Ani v’Atah Teen Empowerment and Outreach Program for teens in 7th – 8th grade: Students examine values, morals and actions in relation to themselves, their peers, family, community and the world around them in the comfort of a private home. One 2 hour session, every other week including dinner.

Confirmation Program for high school students: Introducing a course on what high school doesn’t teach and Jewish values do. Teens will explore their spirituality, examine their morality and create a positive teen community. Each class is experiential and taught through pop culture, self-discovery topics and interactive activities. Confirmation meets every other week for fifteen classes and is co-taught by Rabbi Ron Li-Paz and Teen Director Chelsea Rothschild. Dinner included.

Jew Crew & J-TAG for students from 7th – 12th grade: A Jewish youth group for teens, led by teens. The perfect outlet for a Saturday night. A place to meet new friends where everyone is welcomed and valued. Where there is no “in” or “out” just IN. Jew Crew is what makes the Jewish teen community thrive. J-Tag is for 7th-8th & Jew Crew is for 9-12th graders and meets once a month for social events, two weekend retreats and monthly lounge nights. Come join the crew.

Adult Education: Valley Outreach Synagogue is dedicated to offering meaningful programs that will enhance Jewish education for the adults of our congregation. It is our goal to bring new and innovative ideas that will excite and stimulate the mind and spirit. We encourage you to expand your mind and develop friendships in an enjoyable class environment. Each course is interactive and provides an opportunity to learn and grow