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Jewish World Watch
Valley Outreach Synagogue is a member of Jewish World Watch (JWW), a coalition of 50 Los Angeles area synagogues working together to mobilize their communities to combat genocide and other egregious violations of human rights around the world. JWW membership is an outreach of the Mitzvah Committee, and ‘Jewish World Watch News’ is published monthly in the synagogue’s Outreach Newsletter to keep the congregation up-to-date on JWW’s world of concerns (See Programs/Mitzvah).
JWW programs educate and activate constituents and the community, and develop resources to assist victims and survivors of acts of inhumanity around the globe. Jewish World Watch grew from a sermon of Rabbi Harold Schulweis of Valley Beth Shalom for Rosh Hashanah in 2004. Rabbi Schulweis remains close and active and continues to encourage and inspire JWW and its development The JWW website, www.JewishWorldWatch.org, helps people educate themselves and others about Darfur in the Sudan and other human rights trouble spots worldwide, advocate for the people of Darfur and other international crises spots; and donate to aid the people of Darfur and others in need.
The annual Walk to End Genocide is the major fundraiser for JWW. If you are interested in being on the committee for the walk or attending the walk, please contact Linda Mike at lindamx2@outlook.com for further information.Linda Mike at  lindamx2@outlook.com
Jewish World Watch Representative
Aid To Israel
One of the most important issues World Jewry faces today is the rapid rise of anti-Semitism the world over and the concomitant need to support Israel as it faces critical threats from its neighbors… especially Iran. Our continued and dedicated support of Israel is necessary in order to assure our own survival. All funds donated for “Aid to Israel” through Valley Outreach Synagogue will be sent to The Ayalim Association. Ayalim is the largest organization dealing with the social outreach and development of new communities in the Negev and Galilee deserts, thus creating a lasting impact on Israel’s future! It’s students are, therefore, enabled to make sustainable progress in these communities which they develop and maintain in the peripheral areas of Israel, thus supporting the children, youth and adults of these new developments. Their watchful eyes may be the first to spot incursions by enemy ground troops. Support from our donor partners allows Ayalim students to devote time and energy to improving the lives of their neighbors in providing educational, social and motivational mentorships for the inhabitants of these communities and their neighbors. Please make your generous donations to Valley Outreach Synagogue with “Aid to Israel” on the “Memo” line and forward as follows. Mail your checks to the undersigned and we will acknowledge your donations for tax purposes.
Chairman, Aid to Israel Committee
Operation Interdependence®
Operation Interdependence (O.I.®) is a national non-profit organization that provides a means for the public to support and service troops deployed overseas, their families, military personnel at home and our veterans, without impacting resources. The cornerstones of the O.I. Civilian-to-Military Delivery System are the Civilian Rations® (dubbed C-Rats ®). C-Rats are individual quart-sized baggies that contain, most importantly, a personal note from a caring civilian at home and some of the everyday items they miss. O.I.’s goal is to provide every service man or woman, in each platoon or fighting unit with these C-Rats from home, every month, during their entire deployment. Valley Outreach Synagogue has supported the efforts of O.I. since 2004.
For more information, visit out website at www.oidelivers.org  or Sheri Albala at salbala@oidelivers.org.More about Operation Interdependence in our site!
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